Pléiade AM is an entrepreneurial asset management firm founded by two investment professionals, one with a background in listed securities, the other in private equity. They combined their experience and passion for enterprise to launch Pléiade AM as an asset management firm specialised in listed share investments. The pace of business development is not that of the markets, meaning that capital investment is essentially a LONG-TERM ENDEAVOUR. The market is only a tool; companies – and their ability to create wealth – are our only field of investigation, which is why we only invest IN COMPANIES WE UNDERSTAND.


And because investing is an exercise in organising thoughts based on multiple sources of data, we are leveraging the latest TECHNOLOGY to improve how we gather and collate information. Our data collection capacities are put at the service of a METHODOLOGY that allows us to make our investment decisions more reliable.

Our dominant genes

Sectoral breakdowns?
No: instead, we look for
the fundamental impetus in a business

It’s not because they belong to the same sector that businesses necessarily follow the same recipe. Take French telecom troublemaker Iliad and oligopolistic dinosaur Orange: what do they have in common? A few institutional elements, of course, but nothing sufficient to drive an investment rationale. We are much more attracted to the dynamics of wealth creation, a feature that can be shared by companies from very diverse sectors.

Technology... for the sake of it?

NO !

Any investment decision comes from reasoning, itself the result of the organization of data collected in the due diligence process. The most recent technologies make it possible to collect data in mass, and organize it in order to place each company that we study in an economic fabric rich in interactions and therefore in signals. This is why we are associated with Thread , a software company that works to create tools to optimize the analysis process, in particular through textual analysis tools, and to make the decision process more reliable.

The practice of technology for some time now has given us an understanding of the great economic upheavals it induces. Thanks to the knowledge of the Thread teams, we have access to a knowledge of technical and technological issues to judge the qualities of companies that are shaking up the established order.

This knowledge and our proximity to Thread led us, in 2021, to create a fund solely invested in the "cloudification" of the economy. PAM Cloud Revolution detects companies that are “disrupting” (a buzzword) human activities, thanks to software in Saas (software as a service) everywhere in the world.