What defines us


What defines us

Pléiade AM is an entrepreneurial asset management company founded by two professional investors, one with a background in listed companies, the other in private equity. Combining their experiences and passion for business, they launched Pléiade AM as a collective investment company specializing in listed equities. Because companies do not develop at the same pace as the market, capital investment is necessarily A LONG-TERM APPROACH. The market is only a tool ; companies and their ability to create wealth are our only field of investigation.

And since investing is an exercise in organizing thought from multiple data sources, we call on TECHNOLOGIES to enhance the collection and organization of information. Our data-gathering capacity is put to good use in a METHODOLOGY that makes investment decisions more reliable.

Our dominant genes


It creates collective wealth ; companies that develop, with a vision, and that address new socio-economic needs, spontaneously attract us.

Founders and companies

We're always more confident when our assets are invested alongside those of an entrepreneurial boss. They are often more measured in their risk-taking, and know their market.


A company that is the leader in its market will always do better. It's Darwin applied to economics.

The world as a horizon

The companies we invest in often have a global footprint, limiting dependence on local economic conditions while benefiting from the dynamism of emerging economies.

Technology... for technology's sake?


Every investment decision is the result of reasoning, itself the fruit of the organization of data collected in the due diligence process. The latest technologies enable us to collect data en masse, and to organize it in such a way as to place each company we study within an economic fabric rich in interactions and therefore signals.

Having been involved with technology for some time now, we've come to understand the major economic turmoils it brings.
This knowledge led us, in 2021, to create a fund invested exclusively in "cloudification". cloudification"of the economy. PAM Cloud Revolution detects companies that are "disrupting" (a buzzword) human activities, through software as a service (Saas) anywhere in the world.